Eagle Grid is a new protocol consisting of a customized metal structure, or a titanium grid. The implant is supported by the maxillary or mandibular bone and is fixed with osteo-synthesis screws.


Titanium: for years now has been the metal par excellence in implants, thanks to its biocompatibility with the bone tissue and virtually no cases of allergic reactions. The grid is customized: i.e., it is built with the residual bone in the patient’s mouth working as a cast. The design and production are managed by an expert staff made of biomedical engineers, medical specialists, dental technicians and IT experts, to achieve maximum precision with professionalism throughout every stage of the process.

Eagle Grid can resolve cases where there is a total lack of maxillary or mandibular teeth or restore missing teeth in isolated areas of the mouth. Once it is placed deep down into the bone and fixed with screws, which are also in titanium and integrate in the bone over time like small mini-implants, Eagle Grid does not require bone integration because its retention is mechanical. Therefore, it allows immediate loading, which is the possibility of using a temporary cemented prosthesis immediately on the grid abutment.

griglia sottoperiostale milano


Paciente sem dentes do maxilar superior


Patient one month after the insertion of the Eagle Grid

Patient four months later with the new fixed prosthesis

Viewed from below: fixed bridge without palate coverage


1. After a panoramic x-ray of the dental arches, we proceed with the creation of the impressions of the patient’s mouth. Afterwards, a specialized laboratory will make a radiological mask to be worn during the tomographic examination (CT Scan or Cone Beam). The transparent resin mask will recreate the teeth you want to rebuild at the end of the procedure.

2. The CT images are sent to a processing center that provides the CAD CAM design of the Eagle Grid, which will then be produced in a customized manner according to the characteristics required for each patient.

3. High-tech equipment (laser melting) using a high-intensity laser beam, synthesizes the titanium powder in successive layers, creating a three-dimensional structure: the Eagle Grid.

4. In a dental clinic, under local anesthesia or with a conscious sedation, the gum is detached, allowing bone exposure and the grid to be positioned. The Eagle Grid will be fixed by osteo-synthesis screws (the same used in Orthopedics and Traumatology).

5. After suturing, the patient is immediately given a first provisional resin that guarantees chewing and perfect healing of the gums.

6. After 3/4 months, once the grid and the tissues involved have been stabilized, the definitive fixed dental prosthesis is produced and inserted into the patient’s mouth.

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