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Eagle Grid is at the top of the new dental implant techniques: it is a new implant protocol consisting of a customized metal structure, in fact a titanium grid. The implant is supported by the maxillary or mandibular bone and is fixed with osteo-synthesis screws.

Eagle Grid fixed implant prostheses: dental implants for people who have little bone
Titanium implants: excellent material

Titanium: for years now has been the metal par excellence for implants, thanks to its biocompatibility with the bone tissue and virtually no cases of allergic reactions.

Customization of dental implants
The Eagle Grid forms an entirely personalized fixed prosthesis on which the new teeth are anchored. The grid is made by starting from the cast of the residual bone in the patient’s mouth, obtained thanks to specific tests which detect the precise measurements required.

Senior expert staff
The design and production of the Eagle Grid fixed prostheses are managed by an expert staff of biomedical engineers, specialist dental-doctors, dental technicians and IT experts, who together achieve maximum precision with professionalism throughout every stage of the process.

Dental implants with little bone: the permanent fixed prosthesis
Sufficient upper or lower jaw bone for the implants
The Eagle Grid fixed prosthesis can resolve cases where there is a total lack of maxillary or mandibular teeth or restore missing teeth in isolated areas of the mouth.

How Eagle Grid works
The Eagle Grid titanium grid is fixed deep down into the bone and fixed with screws, which are also made of titanium, and integrate in the bone over time like small mini-implants.

Eagle Grid is an immediate load system
An Eagle Grid dental implant does not require bone integration because its fixation is mechanical therefore allowing immediate loading, which means using a temporary cemented prosthesis on the grid abutment is possible immediately.

Who is Eagle Grid for?

Goodbye dentures
More and more frequently there are people who have long lost many of their teeth and are therefore forced to wear a removable prosthesis (dentures or skeletal dentures) without the possibility of having an implant surgery due to an insufficient percentage of residual bone, both in height and in thickness.
Uncertain bone regeneration
Invasive and debilitating bone regeneration surgical procedures with grafting were proposed to these patients, without guaranteeing a fixed solution as well as long recovery times (usually about a year).

The fixed prosthesis offered by new implantology
We have completed the patent for a new implant technique with a sub-periosteal implant protocol (placed under the gum and not in the bone) to allow everyone to be able to have fixed teeth again, regardless of their starting conditions.
To achieve this result, we have created an innovative dental implant using the latest technologies available to guarantee a better, unequalled quality product and the opportunity of a new type of surgery, which is completely different from the past.





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